I. Introduction

  1. The Lessor is the Apartment Owner / Administrator, trading as FLAGELLO d.o.o., 21000 Split, Smiljanićeva 2, OIB: 87981604406
  2. The Lessee is an adult Guest of the apartment that has concluded a Lease Agreement with the Lessor. Minors can only stay in the apartment in the company of their legal guardians. At the moment of check-in, Tenants
    are obliged to identify themselves with an identity document.

II. Using the apartment

  1. Under the Lease Agreement, the Lessee shall have the apartment at their disposal on the days and hours specified in the Agreement exclusively for residential purposes.
  2. Accessing the apartment on the day of arrival will take place at the time agreed between the Tenant and the Landlord no earlier than at 5 p.m. Leaving the apartment on the day of departure shall take place no later than at 10.00 a.m. Any exception from these rules shall require the consent of the Lessor.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the apartment. Smoking is allowed on the terrace.
  4. Only the number of people, and only the people listed in the agreement, shall stay in the apartment.
    The Lessee shall have the right to receive guests during the stay only from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m..
  5. For the purposes of this Agreement, the Lessee shall receive on the day of arrival a key to the apartment and building front door. The Lessee is obliged to lock the apartment each time while leaving it and not to make the key available to third parties, and return the original key on the day of departure. If the key to the apartment is lost, the Lessee shall cover the cost of replacing door lock with one identical to the one to which the key was lost.
  6. The Lessee undertakes to use the subject of the lease in accordance with its intended use, take care of its technical condition, maintain the Apartment in a proper condition, observe good neighbourliness and follow the house rules.
  7. If the Lessee finds any existing damage to the equipment or malfunction of the equipment in the apartment, they should immediately report this fact to the Lessor – otherwise they may be charged with the costs of repair or removal of the damage.
  8. Guests shall be held financially responsible for any damage and destruction of equipment and technical devices in the Apartment caused by the fault of the Guests or their visitors. It is forbidden for the Guests to interfere with the equipment, arrangement, layout of furniture and security measures of the Apartment.
  9. Quiet Hours last from 10.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. It is strictly forbidden to host events in the apartment.
  10. In the event of brawls, noisy events, failure to observe the Quiet Hours, failure to observe house rules (e.g. littering in the building and on the premises of the building or smoking cigarettes in the apartment), failure to observe good neighbourliness or other cases of failure to observe the Rules and Regulations and/or public order, the Lessor is entitled to collect from the Lessee the contractual penalty* mentioned
    in section V of the RULES AND REGULATIONS and in extreme cases to notify the Police or the relevant services.
  11. If the Lessor finds out that the subject of the lease has been used by the Lessee contrary to its purpose and/or the terms and regulations, and deterioration of the technical condition of the premises has taken place, the Lessor has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. For unused stay time, the Lessee is not entitled to a refund of the fee paid.
  12. The landlord is not responsible for any valuable items left in the apartments.

III. Cleanliness

  1. The apartment is thoroughly cleaned before it is made available to Guests. Final cleaning of the apartment is also included in the price. For optional cleaning during your stay an additional charge of EUR 50 will be applied.
  2. It is the Lessee’s obligation to keep the apartment clean at all times in a condition adequate for normal use. All the necessary equipment and cleaning products are available in the apartments. The dishwasher can only be used with “3-in-1” tablets to ensure its proper operation.If the apartment is left in a state that requires non-standard cleaning, the Lessee is obliged to pay a penalty, as for any other event that violates the rules and regulations, as listed in section V OF THE RULES AND REGULATIONS.
  3. There is a washing machine at the disposal of the Guests in the bathroom, which the Tenant uses at their own discretion. The Lessor is not obliged to provide any washing agents.

IV. Contact and obligations of the lessee

  1. Throughout the lease period, the Lessor is at the Lessee’s disposal 7 days a week from 8.00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  2. The Lessor reserves the right not to answer the phone in the case of professional activities, and at the same time guarantees call back as soon as possible.
  3. The Lessor undertakes to maintain the apartment and its equipment in compliance with the offer presented to the Lessee on the day of making the booking.
  4. The Lessor undertakes to respond to any irregularity reported by the Lessee (e.g. relating to the operation of the equipment or the condition of the equipment) and, if it is not possible to remedy this irregularity,
    to compensate the Lessee for this irregularity in accordance with the period and scope of the irregularity, by reducing the price.

V. Contractual Penalties

  1. Party* and/or noise nuisance at night – EUR 500
  2. Smoking inside the apartment – EUR 500
  3. Stay of persons not registered in the apartment and not reported to the Lessor – EUR 100 /per night
    / for each person/ per night
  4. Other events violating the Rules and Regulations – EUR 150

* Party means the use of the apartment for purposes other than residential, connected with the stay
of more people and failure to comply with house rules, ending with the intervention of the Lessor, the housing estate security, the Police or Municipal Guards.

VI. Guests are not allowed to:

  1. Use any irons, radiators, kettles, or electric heaters, other than those available in the apartment
  2. Collect or store flammable materials, liquids and compressed gas cylinders.
  3. Leave plugged in electrical equipment unattended.
  4. Leave children unattended.
  5. Leave animals unattended.

VII. If you notice any fire or smoke:

  1. Immediately warn people at risk and call the emergency number: 112