1. Sunčana Villa  has a private outdoor pool with dimensions of 8×4.5 meters and a depth of 135 cm and an outdoor Jacuzzi with dimensions of: 223 x 211 cm and a depth of 90 cm.
  2. The jacuzzi can be used by a maximum of 5 people.  
  3. Using the pool and jacuzzi means that you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions of the pool and jacuzzi.
  4. The pool and  jacuzzi can only be used by persons staying in  Sunčana Villa.
  5. Guests of Sunčana Villa can use the pool and jacuzzi without additional costs.
  6. There’s no lifeguard at the pool.
  7. Users of the pool and jacuzzi do this at their own risk.
  8. Minors (under 18 years old) must stay at the swimming pool and jacuzzi under the care of an adult.
  9. The swimming pool and jacuzzi  cannot be used by:
    – persons under the influence of alcohol or other similar agents
    – persons with external signs of skin damage, with infectious diseases and/or with externally visible dermatological diseases, whose health condition may put other people using the pool at risk
    – children under 3 without waterproof diapers
  10. It is obligatory for everyone to take a shower before entering the pool and jacuzzi .
  11. Both in the swimming pool and jacuzzi and in its surroundings, bathing suits are obligatory.
  12. The users of the pool and jacuzzi must not cause situations which endanger the safety of the persons staying there, and in particular:
    – jump into the water from the edge of the pool – push, throw to the water, immerse other users of the pool and jacuzzi
    – carry glass packagings, cans, sharp tools and other dangerous items
    – smoke
    – drink alcohol
    – eat
    – use soap and other chemicals
    – litter the pool and  jacuzzi and its surroundings
    – make noise
    – enter with or bring animals
  13. Sunčana Villa is not responsible for accidents and events resulting from failure to comply with these
  14. Pollution of the pool and jacuzzi entails financial sanctions of EUR 500
  15. Complaints and requests need to be sent to the following email address: info@suncanavilla.com
  16. For matters not covered by these Rules and Regulations, decisions are taken by the Management Board of  Sunčana Villa